International Conference on Protection of Rohingya Survivors and Accountability for Genocide

Date August 23-24, 2019 

Place Paulus Hall 101A, Sogang University, Seoul 

Co-hosted by EuroBurma Office, Human Rights Action CenterFree Rohingya Coalition, FORSEA, Korean Civil Society in Solidarity with the Rohingya


August 23 (Fri) 



09:00 ~09:30


09:30 ~ 09:55

Opening Remarks

Free Rohingya Coalition, Korean Civil Society in Solidarity with the Rohingya


Keynote Speech I

Yanghee LEE | UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Situation in Myanmar 


Session 1. Voices of Rohingya and Burmese Minority Women  

  • Yasmin Ullah | Director, Rohingya Human Rights Network

  • Hseng Noung | Shan Women Action Network

  • Naw May Oo | Adviser to the Karen National Union




Session 2. Tackling Sexual Violence in Myanmar and in the Region 

  • Razia Sultana | Chairperson, Rohingya Women Welfare Society  

  • Meehyang Yoon | Representative, The Korean Council for Justice & Remembrance for the Issues of Military SExual Slavery by Japan

  • Rahima Begum | Researcher, Activist & Co-founder, Restless Beings

15:00 ~ 15:50

Session 3. Asian Solidarity with the Rohingya Survivors

  • Khin Mai Aung | Writer & Civil Rights Lawyer

  • Bian D.Costa | Australian National University

  • Teressa Der-Lan Yeh | Chair, Taiwan Women’s Rescue Foundation 

  • Rev.Park Sanghun, S.J. | Director, Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity 

16:00  16:50

Session 4. Tackling Racism & Mobilized Hatred in Myanmar & Other Countries in the Region 

  • Thet Swe Win | Activist, Social Harmony Organization

  • James Gomez | Former Director, Amnesty International Southeast Asia 

  • Jiyoung SHIN | Assistant Professor, Yonsei University, Project <Refugee X Field> 

17:00 ~ 17:30

Keynote Speech II

  • Sara Hossain| US State Department's honoree, International Woman of Courage (2016);  Advisory Board member of the Open Society Foundations; Barrister at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and honorary executive director of Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust & the Defence Counsel for Nobel Laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus.



August 24 (Sat)

09:00 ~ 09:30


09:30 ~ 10:20

Keynote Speech III. 

  • Marzuki Darusman | Chair, United Nations Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar (TBC)

10:30 ~ 11:20

Session 6. Boycott Myanmar I : Cultural and Governmental Relation 

  • Maung Zarni | Coordinator, Free Rohingya Coalition 

  • Tapan Bose | Secretary-General, South Asia Forum for Human Rights

  • Mabrur Ahmed | Co-founder & Director, Restless Being

11:30 ~ 12:20

Session 7. Boycott Myanmar II : Biz Investment & HR in Rakhine State

  • Nay San Lwin | Coordinator, Free Rohingya Coalition

  • Michimi Muranuchi | Professor of International Politics, Gakushuin University

  • Hyunpil Nah | Executive Director, Korean House for International Solidarity; KTNC Watch

12:30 ~ 13:20

Session 8. Accountability Measures 

  • Katherine Southwick | Former Clerk in the Office of the Prosecutor at ICTY

  • Doreen Chen | Coordinator for International Law, Free Rohingya Coalition

  • Djaouida Siaci | Rohingya Support Group-International Expert

13:20 ~ 13:30 



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ADI facilitated community music workshops in Hakim Para Camp in June, 2018. 

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Peace Library, Meiktila, Myanmar



In 2016, ADI organized a community project for victim-survivors of the massacre in Meiktila, Myanmar.  We worked in cooperation with regional theater organizations to hold performances for children and conducted arts therapy sessions with the children. The Peace Library Project - aimed at empowering children and adolescents as peacemakers to transform fear and tension into empathy and understanding - has been underway since 2017.  Upon completion of construction, we will introduce educational programs and projects for peacebuilding customized for the local context of Meiktila. The library will provide opportunities to augment children’s critical thinking skills and cultivate sensitivity for peace within the community. 




On March 20, 2013, violence occurred in Meiktila township of Mandalay Province in central Myanmar, triggered by a dispute between a Muslim jewelry shopkeeper and a Buddhist civilian.  The incident quickly snowballed into a massacre of the Muslim population by extremist Buddhist leaders and the military, leaving 43 dead, 86 injured, and 13,000 new refugees over three days.  Perpetuated by the anti-Muslim movement of the extreme right and by the government of Myanmar, the aftermath of the massacre led to increased tensions and conflict between Buddhist and Muslim communities in Meiktila.


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