Other Reports

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Other Reports

  1. Human Rights Status Report on Illegal Israeli Settlements in Palestine, Focused on Changes Under the Trump Administration (in Korean)

Following Trump’s election as President of the United States, illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank increased 400% in construction compared to the previous year.

Through them, Palestinians suffered the human rights violations of demolition of their houses, forced eviction, confiscation of property, physical violence, threats to livelihood, and road blockades and other movement restrictions.  The illegal settlements are expected to increase in the future.

Human Rights Status Report on Illegal Israeli Settlements in Palestine_Korean.pdf

  1. “Massacre in Meikthilar and Justice Unaddressed” (in English)


Anti-Muslim rioting by a Buddhist nationalist mob resulted in a massacre of Muslims on March 20, 2013, in Meikthilar, Myanmar, and continued for three days, killing 43 people, injuring 86 others, and displacing a total 13,000 people. This report is a result of a mutual project from The Seagull and Asian Dignity Initiative. 

“Massacre in Meikthilar and Justice Unaddressed”_English.pdf

  1. Human Rights Report on the Rohingya, April 2017: “Leave.  This is not your country” (in Korean)

Human Rights Report on the Rohingya, April 2017 “Leave. This is not your country”_Korean.pdf

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Genocide Reports

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Genocide  Reports

These reports document the August 2017 acts of genocide against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar.  As a result, 900,000 people escaped and now live in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

  1. Tula Toli: “We want justice”

  2. Done Paik: “We had nowhere to hide from the military”  https://issuu.com/donghwa0912/docs/web_dp_report_fin

  3. Koe Tan Kauk: “Father, what can we do?” https://issuu.com/donghwa0912/docs/web_ktk_report_fin

  4. Inn Din: “We begged them not to arrest our husbands” https://issuu.com/donghwa0912/docs/web_id_report_fin

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Annual Report 2017.compressed.pdf

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