Psychosocial Support for the Rohingya



Beginning February 2017, ADI regularly visited the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, to interview victim-survivors and collect testimony for human rights documentation.  In the process of conducting the interviews, it became obvious that the Rohingya refugees were living in terror of forced repatriation and that their settlement in Bangladesh was greatly affected by their experience of crossing the border from Myanmar.  To respond to their needs and support them, we designed psychosocial support projects for women and children in Hakim Para Camp, a camp that spontaneously developed in August 2017. 





From May through August 2018, thirteen Rohingya refugee female householders participated in the Women's Peer Support Project.  They were trained as peer supporters to provide psychosocial support to other women in the camp and to create a supportive network amongst them.  The project was developed by Jungshik Shin, a psychiatrist, who used a picture-based storybook as a medium of narrative practice. Thirteen women were grouped into six teams, each providing psychosocial support by visiting women door-to-door daily for 14 weeks.  In addition to counseling, peer supporters provided the participants with three kinds of vegetable seeds and bamboo to make fences.


In June 2018, the organization conducted the “Music Meets Mind” project in the Rohingya refugee camp. “Music Meets Mind” supports the refugee community by creating an environment of safety, empathy, and creativity through music.  For three weeks, Jungin Hwang, a community music facilitator, conducted music workshops on a daily basis in Hakim Para Camp, for children between five and ten years old.

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