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Various claims by different stakeholders surrounding Palestine often obscure an objective evaluation of the conflict.  We propose field-based documentation to investigate the current state of human rights abuses, thereby promoting a more humane perspective to the conflict. 

  • Research Team for Palestinian Peace: The team studies the history, society, and culture of Israel and Palestine within the context of the conflict around resettlement areas.

  • Human Rights Report Team: The team listens to and records the voices of the most alienated victims of the dispute between the two sides.  In 2018, Status of Israeli Settlement According to International Law and Report on the Damage was published.

  • Peace Trip: Anybody who is interested in Palestine can join.  Rather than a pilgrimage, the trip offers participants experience of the present situation from the perspective of civil society. The first Palestine Peace Trip will be held in September 2018.




The conflict between Israel and Palestine, which began with the foundation of Israel in 1948, is one of the oldest disputes in existence. The vicious cycle of violence in Palestine has continued for decades despite efforts by the international community. ADI is a leading civil organization in Korea to address the history and content of the strife, shedding light on the connections among the conflicts.

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